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  • A Sales Pipeline Building
    that achieved twice
    the results

    A direct marketing campaign for CA-Arcot.

  • A Partner-meet series
    that became a relationship

    Channel partner offsite series for Citrix

  • A Campaign metric
    that became
    a process metric

    AWS ‘Cheetah’ ISV onboarding drive.

  • A Demand Generation that
    achieved 65% lead-to-sale

    A product marketing drive for DELL



An Event for the Global CEO’s First Visit to India

Challenge : Building affinity towards the cloud service offerings from Netmagic - A home-grown local datacenter company.

Breakthrough Approach : Netmagic - Cloud to Earth has been one of our greatest concept successes so far. We took a “local datacenter company” to being seen as a cloud service player by conceiving an initiative for the entire ecosystem that enabled multi-level interactions... thus creating an image for Netmagic as not just the “go-to guy” but also a Champion of Cause for all that is related to cloud capabilities

Execution : Concept and communication design, Event planning - audience acquisition and on ground execution of series of events across multiple cities over two quarters. Post event follow ups, leads validation and related closing-the-loop efforts

Results : 542 registrants from 408 organizations, 277 delegates from 197 organizations, 204 IT decision makers (GM level and above), 166 validated leads for second round of discussion - ALL this in a single quarter! The visibility from initiative further led them to build and create a refreshed brand from themselves to align with the ‘bigger’ image that the company had gained.

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