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  • A Sales Pipeline Building
    that achieved twice
    the results

    A direct marketing campaign for CA-Arcot.

  • A Partner-meet series
    that became a relationship

    Channel partner offsite series for Citrix

  • A Campaign metric
    that became
    a process metric

    AWS ‘Cheetah’ ISV onboarding drive.

  • An industry-event series
    that put a local player
    on the global map

    A motherhood initiative for Netmagic



An Event for the Global CEO’s First Visit to India

Challenge : Campaign to drive not just visibility for newly launched product but also build affinity towards the simplicity of its use.

Breakthrough Approach : DELL Plug and Play Datacentre was engineered to work at two-levels

Pro-active lead generation : DM-lead lead generation to include setting up prospect lists and confirmed appointments.

Management and experience plan : A real time ‘Plug & Play - Datacentre on Wheels’ - A customized Toyota Innova with full demo capabilities of the product for the meeting to showcase the superiority and simplicity of the product.

Execution : Data mining, management, communication creating and delivery, telemarketing support & on-ground execution to deliver the engagement and experience covering production, activation planning and support.

Results : Demo Appointments – 64. 24% conversion to contacts. Expected conversion value – INR 2 Crore+. A pending sales pipeline of 30+ organizations.

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