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  • A Sales Pipeline Building
    that achieved twice
    the results

    A direct marketing campaign for CA-Arcot.

  • A Partner-meet series
    that became a relationship

    Channel partner offsite series for Citrix

  • A Demand Generation that
    achieved 65% lead-to-sale

    A product marketing drive for DELL

  • An industry-event series
    that put a local player
    on the global map

    A motherhood initiative for Netmagic



An Event for the Global CEO’s First Visit to India

Challenge : A 360 degree integrated closed loop ISV on boarding campaign. Whilst the others in the market offered database services and logistical services for this initiative, AWS came to us looking for “identifying of a potential lead - selling the product - onboard as a product user” campaign.

Breakthrough Approach : We identified that the challenge for this campaign had spread beyond just communication and logistical levels. It needed an ecosystem that enabled the team to dorne multiple hats depending on the campaign phase. It called for a “process-level” concept that would bring flexibility across pre-sales, sales, support and loyalty phases. We conceptualised and created an alternative, truly integrated sales and marketing process.

Execution : Multiple teams were created internally to manage various phases in the process Effective internal coordination, tracking and closed loop efforts led to a very systematic data breakdown, lead nurturing, value prop establishment, product demo(use/ build/ develop using the product) and final onboarding as a paid subscriber.

Results : The campaign had highest results in the history of AWS for this particular segment. Target - 150 net new customer accounts, 150 APN registrations and 500 ISVs (net new/unique) : Result - 79% of direct meetings converted into sign-ups (on boarded customers) and 40% of direct meetings resulted in APN registrations and 556 net new customers two weeks before the campaign completion.

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