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  • A Sales Pipeline Building
    that achieved twice
    the results

    A direct marketing campaign for CA-Arcot.

  • A Campaign metric
    that became
    a process metric

    AWS ‘Cheetah’ ISV onboarding drive.

  • A Demand Generation that
    achieved 65% lead-to-sale

    A product marketing drive for DELL

  • An industry-event series
    that put a local player
    on the global map

    A motherhood initiative for Netmagic



An Event for the Global CEO’s First Visit to India

Challenge : To build greater goodwill amongst all the vendor agnostic partners (i.e., who sell similar services/products from competition). To make the relationship stronger, more meaningful and more time-worthy.

Breakthrough Approach : Away from a ‘foreign offsite’ for the partners with pampering and gifts, With an insightful concept, we embedded purpose to their interactions and meaning to their synergy. Citrix Huddle, created (by us) and trademarked (by the client) - is a platform that allows itself to manifest in an incredibly different format each year filled with trust-building and togetherness-strengthening exercises in various forms.

Execution : Concept and communication design, Event planning - audience management (travel and logistics) and on ground execution of the event. Post event closing-the-loop efforts.

Results : A significant change in the attitude of partners towards the citrix channel team, measurable rise in channel sales and increased trust within the ecosystem. The property is popular amongst the vendor network that they look forward to the event every year... so successful that the client sought and gained the proprietary rights to the event concept and title.

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