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  • A Partner-meet series
    that became a relationship

    Channel partner offsite series for Citrix

  • A Campaign metric
    that became
    a process metric

    AWS ‘Cheetah’ ISV onboarding drive.

  • A Demand Generation that
    achieved 65% lead-to-sale

    A product marketing drive for DELL

  • An industry-event series
    that put a local player
    on the global map

    A motherhood initiative for Netmagic



An Event for the Global CEO’s First Visit to India

Challenge : Communicate the advantages of software based security solutions of the newly acquired security company, Arcot in a strong market for hardware-based security.

Breakthrough Approach : Conventionally, this would have been a “Hello, We are Arcot, We have been bought over by CA and these are the services we offer” campaign. We broke it down to creating of an engagement platform of driving attention to how “hardware is passé” using a conceptual hook called ‘The Great Hardware Collapse’. Further leading them to ponder over the inevitable need for software security and thus Arcot services by CA.

Execution : A demand generation campaign comprising of targeted direct mailers, telecalling support, facilitated sales meetings with decision makers and backend collateral/ information support.

Results : Target - 75 meetings v/s Achieved - 151 meetings. Quality of meetings - 79% senior management & 21% mid management. Conversion ratio - 14.5% approx.

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